IMF Press Release

British Indian Muslims Remember Babri Mosque

"Muslims and especially the Indian Muslims cannot forget their historical Babri Mosque and the deep scar left on their psyche by its demolition on 6 December 1992 at the hands of extremist Hindu zealots." President of Indian Muslim Federation (IMF) Shamsuddin Agha has said in a statement issued today.

Marking the 22nd anniversary of Babri Mosque, demolished 22 years ago in Ayodhya, Mr Agha said, "Sometimes brute powers succeed in overpowering weaker communities and implementing their despicable plans. But self-respecting communities and individuals do not accept injustice and illegal occupation of their rightful heritage. They fight until they get back what is rightfully theirs. Muslims in India and their brethren outside India will continue raising their voice against the most heinous barbarism displayed in Ayodhya on 6 December 1992 until they get the site back and are able to reconstruct the mosque there."

Agha congratulated civil society and secular forces in India who he said, "Have proved that regardless who is in power, the soul of India is alive. The voices that have been raised against injustices on Muslims and other weaker sections are in majority and these voices are the real soul of India."


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