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Indian Muslim Federation (UK) Deplores Al-Qaida plans to establish its branch in India

Indian Muslim Federation (UK) is the largest and oldest organisation of Indian Muslims in Britain and has NGO status with the UN, and it has strongly condemned the reported formation by Al Qaeda of the so called "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent" as "Extremely alarming, dangerous and highly deplorable.

"We hope and pray that this is just a hoax but if true, such designs of terror groups are deeply worrying and alarming. We condemn such plans that will be nothing but a source to plunge the region in deep turmoil and play havoc with human lives." Mr Shamsuddin Agha President of Indian Muslim Federation (IMF) has said in a statement issued today.

"Muslims in South Asia do not need any such satanic cabals. Indian Muslims should be watchful of Al-Qaeda agents trying to provoke, brainwash and misguide simple and unsuspecting youths. Al-Qaeda has already tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims in the world and far from helping anyone its alleged plan will only add to the miseries of Muslims and other communities." He said.

"We are particularly worried because of the prevailing environment of provocation and intimidation by the Hindutva groups and on going denial of justice to the victims of anti-Muslim riots in Muzaffarnagar and Gujarat. we specially appeal to Central and state governments to rein Hindutva jingoists and stop them from polarising the atmosphere. A peaceful, fair and healthy environment is extremely vital to fight the menace of Al-Qaida."

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